Frozen Duck Liver Presliced Feyel France 40-60g/Pc (1kg/Pkt)


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Country of Origin France
Storage Frozen
Since 200 years Feyel brand represents the highest art of gastronomy and obsession with the flavour and quality of the product. It is all about offering its consumers an outstanding product. Their farming and butchering techniques use the tradition and expertise of Maison Alain Francois and guarantee the delivery of  exceptional product.
Chef Tip: The presliced duck liver are perfect for making terrines with our truffles or pan seared quickily and use as a topping on any dishes.

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Duck Liver Presliced Feyel France 1kg/Pkt are conveniently portion. Duck Liver Presliced 40-60g/Pc are perfect for making terrines. Pan seared quickly and serve. Use as a topping on any dishes.

The region has all the essential characteristics needed to raise Foie Gras ducks successfully. Furthermore, the mild coastal climate and the quality of pasture are suitable for tradition. 80% of French ducklings are born and raised here. In addition, our production plant is also located at the same area.

The animals are well cared for and well looked after. To avoid stress and ensure their healthy development. Our own nutritionist has drawn up and prepared its feeds according to strict specifications. All ingredients are vegetable based and are locally sourced. A modern and efficient abattoir. 800,000 ducks raised every year. A sanitation programme that meets H.A.C.C.P. standards. “Made-to-measure” preparations. Both fresh and frozen (I.Q.F). Manual selection and deveining of Foie Gras. Meet the requirements of each of our clients.


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