Ocean Gems Frozen Soft Shell Crab 150 -200g/Pc (1Kg/Pkt)


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Country of Origin Thailand
Storage Chilled
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Ocean Gems Soft Shell Crab are wild caught in the world heritage-listed mangrove forest Sundarban in the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean.

Farmed with natural feed daily, the crabs are plump in full meat when harvested. They are kept in oxygen condition to free from dirt and grits. The state of the art 3D freezing technology keeps the cell of flesh intact, lock in the natural freshness and flavor not inferior to the fresh products at all.

Ocean Gems soft shell crab are available whole and cleaned and provide a variety menu options, e.g. soft shell burger, tempura, soft shell crab salt & pepper or salad.



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Ocean Gems is more than just great products from the sea. In every packet of Ocean Gems lies added value in the form of peerless quality, convenience and enjoyment. Whether it is the professional chef whipping up gourmet meals for hundreds or for the home cooks feeding their families. Ocean Gems offer products that sees to the delight of our customers; from the cooking to the eating. Therefore, ocean Gems Crabmeat is no different and comes with our promise of superior quality, flavour and freshness.



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